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Who we are

Since its establishment, Southview Real Estate until today maintains the principles and values that govern its operation with dedication, loyalty and a clear vision. Our primary goal is to provide our services with reliability, consistency, transparency, speed and effectiveness.

Our vision* is Southview Real Estate to be your “first choice” and your most trustworthy partner. The company developed its dynamics gradually based on professional ethics and consistency on excellence by offering real estate services at nationwide level from their professional business partners and experienced staff members.

Our daily concern is the continuous qualitative and quantitative improvement of the level of our real estate service line provided, facilitating all of your decisions and needs in the broad range of the real estate marketplace evolving our actions with high responsibility and commitment.

Today, our company offer a wide range of services throughout investment property (home, land, commercial) as well as for rent / lease purposes, all over Greece. Our synergies with large international companies are growing continually, due to the discreet representation of owners and buyers from our team members by serving our customers with high-end professional conscientiousness, trustworthiness and integrity. This strengthens company’s dynamics in the real estate market, as Southview Real Estate is now positioning among the most dynamic and integrated service companies surrounding the investment property business.


But its growth, does not ends here…